Why Bad Things Happen to Good People – And How To Change It


Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time, but when bad things happen to good people it leaves us wondering why. Many people struggle with the question of how a supposedly loving God could allow innocents to fall prey to cruel and painful fates. I believe that the majority of people believe that things simply happen with no rhyme or reason and that there’s no telling why some get hit, and some get lucky. We’re tapping in the dark. We’re not unlike that protagonist in the 1980 movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, who found a Coca-Cola bottle that had dropped from an airplane, in the middle of the Kalahari desert. Living far from industrialized society and knowing nothing of Coca-Cola or airplanes, the man decided this shiny object must be a gift from the gods. Because that’s what we do when we have no other explanation – we turn to myths and superstitions in an effort to fill in the gaps, sometimes to our great detriment. In the middle ages, if you were a successful woman or a woman who had too many kids, or a woman who had no kids, or for that matter, if you simply knew how to swim, you ran the risk of being accused of witchcraft and being tortured to death. It sounds totally nutty, but people tend to take their superstitions very, very seriously!


Deer In The Headlights

We're captives of our own beliefs which only allow us to perceive the world through a very narrow lens that prevents us from seeing the larger picture. Of course, everybody always thinks that they see the situation clearly, but in truth, we’re only capable of perceiving a very limited scope of reality. We literally cannot understand, or even see, anything outside of our established neural framework. To make things worse, we are driven by all kinds of fears. We have this pre-programmed instinctual drive to flee or fight whenever we find ourselves in unknown circumstances – and we’re always in unknown circumstances! Who knows what any given day might bring? This fight or flight instinct served us well in days gone by when we had to escape from lions and tigers and bears, but it does very little good today if we’re staring down a scary diagnosis. This constant daily grind wears on us, and we find ourselves overwhelmed, overbooked, overtired, overweight, and dragged down. We’re anxious because we sense our own vulnerability, and don’t feel in control. We feel like deer in the headlights, and so we go on autopilot. We look neither left nor right, put one foot in front of the other, and try not to think too hard. Then we turn on the TV to live in someone else’s reality show. Autopilot keeps us from taking conscious action and causes us to do the same things over and over again. It means that nothing ever changes, but there’s a kind of comfort in that. It’s the devil, you know, but it's also a dangerous neighborhood. Nothing good ever happens there.


Everything Has a Cause

The fact is that nothing just happens out of the blue. Every effect must have an originating cause, and if we were able to see the big picture this would be clear as day to us. God does not “allow” bad things to happen to people, nor good things, for that matter. The universe is set up in a far bigger, much more wondrous way than we can even imagine. We live in a limitless universe, full of infinite possibilities. Look up at the night sky. You can actually see the boundless infinity that surrounds us! In every moment, the entire scale of possibility is available to us. It’s not that in the next moment, only this one thing can happen; we are never limited in any way. This is why the discovery of quantum physics was so important. It proved scientifically that all possible outcomes are inherent until an event comes to a conclusion. A spinning coin is both heads and tales until it is stopped. In other words, nothing’s over until the fat lady sings! Of course, by necessity, the scale of limitless possibility is infinite in both directions. And yes, it's true that this includes anything from the greatest horror to the very best outcome imaginable. But here’s the shift in thinking and the most important part: You are not hopelessly exposed to these outcomes! You have the power to decide where you place yourself on the scale of infinite possibility. You determine the game you’re playing by the energy you contribute.


Energy Is Everything

Everything is energy, and energy is everything. We know this from high school chemistry, but rarely do we consider the massive implications for our daily existence. All matter in the universe is primarily made up of energy. An atom is 99.9% energy and only 0.1% matter. The vibration of the energy determines its attributes. Imagine every experience is like a radio station – you have to turn your dial to tune in to hear the music. You are made of energy, so you are always tuning to something – you can’t help that. However, whether the music you are hearing is pleasing to you or not depends on where your radar is turned. You’re free to turn your dial anywhere but turn you must. The universe does not judge bad or good. Every frequency can either be disrupted or commuted. You can rain on the most beautiful parade if you so choose. But also, you can turn every seemingly negative experience into the best thing that’s ever happened to you – all by a simple shift in perspective, a shift in energy.

Modern science is now trying to help us understand that the frequency of your energy does not only affect the way you feel, but it also affects the real-life outcome of any situation you are facing. The energetic frequency in which we exist determines what happens to us in our lives. The currently prevailing worldview, which is steeped in an atmosphere of fear, superstition, and overwhelm, creates, at best unpredictable, and primarily undesirable outcomes. You can see it in the world we are experiencing today. Those are the bad energetic neighborhoods you want to stay away from.

I have often talked about how, for example, the energy frequency in which you exist determines everything, but especially your health. Every disease carries a certain frequency that disrupts the nominal frequency of a healthy cell. Energetic frequencies can be affected physically or emotionally. You can make yourself sick either by eating terrible foods or by living in a constant state of fear, anger, resentment, or other chronic negativity. You can feel in your own body that fear begets more fear, anger begets more anger, and that love begets more love.


Become An Energy Warrior

This is such a new way of looking at things that, in many ways, we are like children in this. We have to learn to control our energy, just like we once had to learn how to walk. In fact, I believe that this is the next step in human evolution. It is well worth the effort because the implications are so huge! It means that we can truly have and be and do anything we desire.

The first and most important step is to recognize that YOU are the determining factor in your life. YOU are the cause of every effect in your life. There is NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE that causes anything to happen to you. There is no God that “allows” bad things to happen to you. Bad things don’t happen to good people; bad things happen to sloppy-energy people. Look at your chronic behavior patterns. Do you recognize how the current situation came to be?

You have been endowed with an awesome power to master your own fate and live your very best life. Now you must learn to wield that power responsibly. Guard your energetic vibration with utmost alertness. Don’t let anyone or anything affect you in a negative way. Walk away. Of, if that is not a possibility, remember that anything can be turned into a positive, simply by turning the other cheek – meaning by shifting your perspective. Ask yourself, where is the good that I am currently not seeing? This question is a potent antidote to alleviate the poison of a bad situation and the fear it brings. The cool thing about infinite possibility is that there are always equal parts good in even the seemingly worst situation. Many years ago, when I was sentenced to prison, I thought it was the worst thing that could happen to me. I was absolutely filled with terror. When I walked through the prison gates, my heart hammered so hard in my chest that it was visible through my t-shirt. But I could not live with this terror forever, so, I shifted my perspective. I decided to look at my prison sentence as an opportunity, my personal rehab, giving me time to really work on myself. By the time I was released, I was a completely new person, and just a few years later, my new energy helped me become a multi-millionaire. I don’t think that would have been possible without the time I got to spend in “the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

It would behoove you to do all you can to raise the frequency of your energy. In other words, do what makes you feel good! So, don’t be so glum and serious! Laugh! Watch funny YouTube videos! Laughter is an extremely strong energy shifter that releases hormones that heal and balance the mind and body. Sing! Dance! Meditate! Spend time doing activities that make you feel expansive – whatever that means for you. When I make my art I go into an almost trance-like state of creativity. It feels wonderful, and so I know it is good for me. Exercise! Move your body! Eat tasty, healthy foods to nourish yourself. Breathe deeply! Long inhales through the nose increase energy. Conversely, longer exhales are calming to the nervous system. Finally, take a little time each morning to bask in the miracle of your life. You get to be here! Imagine that! Appreciate all the things you take for granted: a warm, soft bed, clean water, clean clothes, a good breakfast, and the love of your family and friends. Appreciation for the many wonderful things in your life is a good way to expand your vibration. I like to say that appreciation is a real estate term – it means something is worth more than it was before. Everything in your life becomes more precious when you take the time to appreciate it. It makes you feel better, and that raises your energy. Get off autopilot and make a conscious decision to have fun today. When you begin your day in a state of high energy you’re in a good neighborhood, and you can be sure that something glorious is coming your way!


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